If you’re reading out this content to understand the difference between the clipping path vs. Image masking, I think you haven’t gone through the practical. Whatever I would like to suggest the difference between two similar tools is using to get the same result. Sometimes, you must be looking at the product review and their picture quality.

A natural picture can drive you more real clients than an artificial picture and you know that very well. To understand the difference between real & fake pictures, you must zoom a picture into the standard resolution and take a look around the edges which makes an amazing idea to value the authentication of picture quality.

What is a clipping path?

Using the “pen tool” you can choose out the clipping path to remove the background from a picture that connects a product, an animal or a subject. Sometimes when you’re making a design and you have to just separate a specific area from the ultimate background, then, you must use this clipping path to make a temporary shape and pick out the selected area alone.

what is clipping path

what is the clipping path?

There are thousands of proficient designers who’ve been ignoring this tool as it makes an awkward corner of products if it is used for the critical scenario such as model hair, fuzz on a sweater. You must consider the timing when making an effort to isolate the subject from a background.

What is image masking?

For the background removing, Image masking is the most preferable way to the Graphic designers as it makes a perfect edge at the product’s edge which looks natural. Those designers are looking forward to removing their background proficiently through the Magic wand, Background eraser and Refine mask tool, and Image masking is the best way till now in the Photoshop technology. It is called the natural object separation technique.

what is masking

what is image masking?

Let us know which one you prefer to use?

Difference between image masking & clipping path

There’s a little bit difference between clipping path and image masking but get you an individual result. Before creating a short brief about the best one, we would like you to decide after seeing the comparison below.

clipping path vs image masking

Clipping Path vs Image masking

Nature of clipping path:
  • Quick background remover
  • Uses only pen tool
  • Edges will not natural for complex images such as model hair and fuzz on a sweater.
  • Suitable for simple and medium images, where the object has sharp and smooth edges
  • Not appropriate for a professional use
  • Lower competitive than image masking
Nature of Image masking:
  • Takes time but makes a professional remove
  • Uses magic wand, refine edge & background eraser tool
  • Edges look sharp & natural
  • Appropriate for professional work
  • Competitive and efficient
  • Suitable for removing background from model hair and fuzz on a sweater image.
  • Use the masking technique when the image is super complex.

What do think is better? I would like to suggest you follow the image masking technique as it makes easy work to remove a background but leaving the natural effect. But, I am not saying the clipping path doesn’t work well but it can’t be a good finisher when you’re working with a complex image to remove out the subject.

There are many examples you can see when searching them in Google and see the comparison as it doesn’t look very natural when zooming it in. In case, if you work using an image masking technique, you can develop the natural part of the subject’s edge and leave fettle finishing but it takes more time to settle when you’re working with a critical product.

Clipping Path Creative suggestion is to get an extraordinary success using the image masking because it has been an efficient path to the global designers. Practice makes a man perfect & depending on this quote, I just want to tell you that give your best when using these both tools for removing background successfully. Be aware as it goes in the client’s favor as your subject defines a classic edge.

Thanks for being tuned as always. If you think it was helpful for you then feel free to share the post and drop your comment below.

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