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When selling goods or services pictures can really bring these items to life. The modern consumer is smart and they want high-quality products and services. Included in this is photographing property. Photographing can make the property look visually appealing and will get the attention of customers.

Shadowing can make professional and amateur pictures look great. It also allows the photographer to create visual effects that cannot be done through photography alone. This includes some things that need to be put in by editing effects including natural shadows, floating shadows, drop shadow, reflection shadow, and cast shadow.

Realistic and professional edited pictures can make the products look gorgeous and attractive. We are Providing Drop Shadow Services worldwide, but especially on Germany, Italy, Netherland, Singapore, United States of America(USA), United Kingdom (UK), Australia (AUS), CANADA, South Africa, China, Japan, Denmark. Visit our Pinterest gallery.

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Drop Shadow Services Provided by Clipping Path Creative

Types of Shadowing Effects

Drop Shadow

Drop shadow make the object looks like it is slightly coming off of the ground. The object may even be given a light glowing effect. This is used by many retailers to show products online.

Natural Shadows

This editing technique is used to put a shadow in the background. The light can be adjusted to make a natural looking shadow. This will give the object the illusion that it is sitting on a surface.

Floating Shadows and Reflections

This technique is used when the object is not on solid ground and the object does not appear to be floating. For example, if there are images of a swimming pool or soup featured in the photo. There is often a white background used. Floating shadows need to be carefully done or they will look unnatural.

Drop shadow service

Reflection shadow service

When to Use Shadowing Effects on your product images

  •  Shadowing can be used to add depth to flat images
  • When a product needs to stand out from the background such as when the items are white and the background is white as well, drop shadow is a stable solution.
  • To create uniformed products for a catalog or online store.
  • Give the product a natural look.
  • Keep the existing shadows in the background
  • Add characters or additional context to the pictures

How to add Shadowing Effects via Photoshop

For drop shadow, you can make a darker shape that will make the picture. Once the black shape is made to try to soften the edges. This will make the shadow look more natural.

It is important to make sure the proportions between the shadow and the objects is correct. If the size is not correct this will not look realistic and customers will move on to another company.

The direction and angles that are used with lighting also need to be consistent. This is very important when creating several shadows in an image. The color of the shadows may need to be adjusted as well. Shadows are darker when the light is close to an object. Shadows are lighter when there is more distance between an object and the light.

The shadow and the relationship to the object need to be adjusted as needed. This will allow the image to be more natural-looking. This will increase customer interest.

If shadowing is not done correctly the product will be shown in a poor way. It the photos look stages or do not look natural it will lose the trust of the customer. This will harm the essential relationship.

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Drop Shadow at Clipping Path Creative

We know that each shadow effect may be different and each product is looked at in an individual light. This will allow each image to shine.

Our company has edited more than 10 million pictures and we have down all kinds of jobs. We can do both simple and very complex products. Each customer gets individual attention.

Not sure what type of shadowing you need? You can request a quote and tell us the goals of your products, so we can do a great job showcasing your items.

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