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What Does Clipping Path Mean?

A clipping path can be simply understood by the terms image clipping, photo cutouts, or deep etching. It’s basically a digital photo cutout, done only by a professional.

Clipping Path Creative offers that clipping path service and does so with great precision as all the images are outlined by hand. This lets us detach a picture entirely from its background, which is almost like cutting out a picture from a newspaper or magazine, with a scissor. 

After the path has been applied to the picture, the main subject, all the things inside the clipping line, are included in the picture, whereas, all that was outside, is omitted. 

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What Are The Benefits of Clipping path?

There are several benefits that come with the usage of the clipping path, some of them are listed down below:
  • You can easily change the background and place your subject into a completely different background
  • Clipping paths provide great help for placing subjects in white backgrounds or transparent backgrounds if you’re wanting to post an online advertisement for a particular product
  • It also gives you the freedom of taking your subject out and placing it into different settings and backgrounds, allowing you to create new scenes
clipping path afterclipping path before

Levels of Clipping Path

Since there are various levels of complexity when it comes to the path, the rate that you’ll have to pay will also vary depending on the type of job you’re getting done. Below we’ll look into the details of the various complexities that are there in clipping path jobs.

Basic Level

If you’re looking for the cheapest option, which is also the easiest to do, you should go for a basic clipping path. It’s best for objects that don’t have a lot of curves and edges, so you can easily get them out of their backgrounds without much work.

A basic level clipping path is best for simple products like books, smartphones, balls, etc.
simple clipping path

Simple Level

Compared to the basic level of the path, the simple clipping path is a bit more complicated, but still, it doesn’t take much time, therefore it won’t cost you any more than a fraction of what you would pay for the basic level.

A simple clipping path works for objects that have a few more edges and curves compared to the objects in the basic level clipping path,

Medium Level

A medium clipping path comes into play when objects with rather complicated edges have to be separated from their backgrounds. Sometimes the tasks are so complicated that several clipping paths are required to merge together in order to extract the subject out of the background.
Given the fact that they are more complex and take so much time, medium clipping paths are more expensive compared to simple and basic levels. Medium-level clipping paths are best used in cases where you have to separate one object from a group of simple objects.
Complex Clipping path

Complex Level

The complex clipping path really takes the level of the clipping path to an extremely complex level. A complex clipping path is done on items that are far more complicated than any of the objects for the above levels. The items for this level might have several holes in them, or different layers of transparency, there could also be more than one object, etc.

Given the high amount of attention to detail, time, and work, required for this level, it is quite more expensive than all the above clipping path levels.
multi clipping path

Multiple Level

Multiple clipping paths can be called an addition to the complex clipping paths. The reason behind this is that multiple clipping paths are additional cutouts into the product itself. These clipping paths can save you the time of reshooting, should you decide to change the color of your product or make some adjustments to the image.

Multiple clipping paths can come in handy in cases of complicated products or in cases where there is a group of items and you have to make changes to colors or adjust some areas of the image.
super complex clipping path

Super Complex Level

Some items tend to be so complicated that even the complex and multiple level clipping paths won’t be able to easily separate them. To tackle such items and images, a super complex clipping path is used. This also means that the cost of a super complex clipping path is super high as well, compared to all the other levels. Objects like complex jewelry, furniture sets with various cutouts, furry objects, all are examples of items that could require a super complex clipping path. In some cases, super complex, multiple and complex, all three have to be used together as well, in order to get to the best result of the image.

Clipping Path Services at Clipping Path Creative Ltd


We at Clipping Path Creative offer all kinds of image cutout services at affordable prices. Whether you want to remove background or multi-clipping path for color correction, our reliable team will produce the perfect cutout results. We use up-to-date Adobe Photoshop for the path and we can never compromise on quality. We ensure a 100% handmade clipping path drawn by the use of pen tools available in Adobe Photoshop. Our professional team has many years of experience using photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop.

Depending on the quality and resolution of an image, our team can use the pen tool to retain the right shape of the object. We are providing background removal services worldwide, but Especially in United Kingdom (UK), United States of America(USA), Canada, Australia (AUS), South Africa, Germany, Italy, the Netherland, Singapore, China, Japan, Russia, Brazil, Denmark.

The cost of our clipping path service mainly depends on the quantity of the photos, the level of complexity, and turnaround time. The resulting images are always smooth and have sharp edges. By working closely with us, we guarantee that every client will get an ideal photo that best fits his setting.

At Clipping Path Creative, one of the things we do most is to create a path with the aim of cutting or removing the background. It mainly enables us to erase selected outlined marks from the background. We do clipping paths by hand with the use of a very powerful Adobe Photoshop Pen tool. The reason why we do it by hand is that it’s the only way to ensure precisely the clipping path service. The pen enables us to create paths that can be used to replace the image background. It also enables us to replace the backgrounds of photos that are already damaged, scratched, or old. At first, you can send us a couple of images as a trial to judge our quality to use a free trial form.

Clipping Path Service – Who Are They For?

The clipping path technique can come in handy in a number of situations. If you have a single photo or a huge collection of them, it doesn’t matter to us as our services are not confined to any single individual.

Our services at Clipping Path Creative can help you if you’re a busy photographer with a lot of photos to edit. You can also take up our services if you’re either a freelancer or working for an agency that is tough on deadlines and you have to meet them at all costs. We are also available for online retailers who might have some knowledge about Photoshop but are still struggling with clipping paths. 

The point is that we will offer the best services at the best prices to whoever requires them and we’ll take your burden of editing, on our shoulders.

Creating Clipping Path in Photoshop

Although the process of the creation of a clipping path can be very tiring as well as time-consuming, it sure gives some really amazing results.

To start off, you need to draw a line outlining the item you want to separate from the background or a group of different objects, using the Pen Tool in Photoshop. 

Photoshop offers various ways of separating your image from its background, in its Paths panel.

If you’re wishing to fully separate the background from the subject so you can use it, say, for an online website, then the Paths panel can convert your path to a reusable selection, without any background. 

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