Clipping Path Creative provides professional, state-of-the-art jewelry photo editing services for mid-to-high-end jewelry makers. Our mission is to make your jewelry brand stand out by showcasing the flawless beauty, design, and craftsmanship of your creations.

We edit photos of fine jewelry made with precious metals and gems like diamonds, emeralds, pearls, rubies, and sapphires. We also edit photos of handmade artisanal jewelry made with semi-precious gemstones like carnelian, quartz, and jade.

Jewelry Photo Editing Services

Our team is experts in various advanced photo editing software including Photoshop, Lightroom, and GIMP. With our years of experience providing services to clients within and outside the UK, we have a proven record of success in delivering the best and most affordable jewelry photo editing service.

Request single or multiple photos edits and get your perfectly edited pictures in less than 3 hours. We also perform high-volume edits and can handle over 500 photo edits within 24 – 36 hours.


Remove background, add shadow, enhance your jewelry photos or create amazing editorial pictures for your jewelry collections with our range of jewelry photo editing services. Working with the latest software and tools in the industry, we have the expertise and experience to deliver perfectly edited jewelry photos that will get you the attention and recognition you deserve.

Our Jewelry image editing services include:

– Professional Jewelry Retouching Service

– High-End Jewelry Retouching

– Dust and Poor Reflection Removal

– Jewelry Shadow Creation

– Jewelry Background removal

– Jewelry Color Correction and Recoloring


Get your jewelry photos ready for primetime with our High-End Jewelry Retouching Service. Using the best software, tools, and techniques, we know how to prepare your jewelry photos for premium print publications like glossy fashion magazines, print jewelry catalogs, and large format advertisement platforms such as print banner displays and outdoor billboards.

jewelry high end retouching

We pay attention to every detail, and we go the extra mile to highlight the exquisite design and craftsmanship of your jewelry creations.


Tiny bits of dust and undesirable light reflections can sometimes appear on and around jewelry even when the picture was taken in a controlled environment and under bright lights. We help you solve this problem by removing any unwanted details that can alter the appearance or hide the true beauty of your jewelry.

We work with the latest software and at high resolutions to ensure that we identify and remove even the smallest hints of dust, strands of hair, micro specks, undesirable light reflections, or surface flaws captured in your jewelry photo.

Make your jewelry photo perfect with our Dust Removal Service.


Achieve the ‘free-standing’ look for your jewelry creations. Make your jewelry the focus of attention by replacing dull or crowded backgrounds with a crisp, white backdrop that won’t distract. We remove backgrounds and background objects no matter their size or color while retaining and highlighting every beautiful detail in your jewelry.

Jewelry Photo background removal

We create free-standing pictures of earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, and brooches/pins by carefully removing backgrounds and unwanted details. We also adjust the brightness and contrast of your jewelry to ensure it looks flawless and natural against the white background.


Make your jewelry photos look realistic and 3-dimensional with our Jewelry Shadow Creation service. We can add shadows to your jewelry photos to simulate depth, weight and natural lighting, making it easier to imagine how your creations will look and feel when worn.

Jewelry Reflection ShadowWith years of experience and our technical expertise in the use of state-of-the-art photo editing software, we know how to create realistic shadow effects for jewelry in various placements, whether upright, flat, tilted or floating.

Give your jewelry photos a professional, industry-standard finish and attract the right kind of attention with our Jewelry Shadow Creation Service.


Gems and metals sometimes look different under different kinds of lighting. With our Jewelry Color Correction and Recoloring Service, we can fix discolorations in your jewelry photos whether in the form of over or under saturation, color distortions, or the excessive presence of red or blue tones.

Jewelry photo recolor

Over the years, we have developed an exceptional eye for detail. Working with advanced photo editing software and techniques, we can make your gold, silver, and platinum jewelry creations look natural no matter the lighting in the original picture. We also ensure the authentic color and sparkle of gemstones shine through whether they’re diamonds, sapphires, tourmalines, or quartz.

Save yourself the trouble of having to take separate pictures of varieties of one product with our Jewelry Recoloring Service. We can expertly recolor metallic components and clear gemstones in one photo to simulate the variations available in your product line.


Jewelry is treasured possession. They are often made with expensive materials and crafted by talented jewelers. You want your pictures to showcase the true beauty and value of the jewelry they capture. Convincing anyone to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for a dull-looking piece of jewelry is an impossible task. This is where our Jewelry Photo Enhancement Service comes in.

Through this service, we apply our years of experience and expertise to showcase your jewelry in the best possible light. When it comes to jewelry photo enhancement, no two cases are the same and we bring a new eye to each case, allowing us to determine on a case-by-case basis, how to enhance the appearance of the jewelry in a photo.

We enhance jewelry photos by adding shine and sparkle, removing dust and micro specks, improving the balance of photo compositions, and by enhancing or reducing the appearance of colors along specific spectrums. We also adjust highlights and shadows along specific color spectrums to ensure your jewelry has the right accents in the right places.


Clipping Path Creative is the perfect partner for your business. We provide the best jewelry photo retouching service at affordable rates and with a quick turnaround.

Our team of photo editing experts works with state-of-the-art software to ensure you receive:

  • Top-notch jewelry photo retouching services,
  • Impeccable clipping path services,
  • Fast turnaround within 24 hours,
  • Express delivery option,
  • Bulk photo processing in record time,
  • Affordable rates,
  • Bulk processing discounts,
  • Unlimited modifications,
  • Multiple return format options (JPG, PNG, TIFF, PSD),
  • Jewelry photo consulting services,
  • Customized service options, and
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • Provide Referral Commissions of 15%.


Our process is simple and straight-forward. Place your order via this website from any part of the world and we will deliver your edited and retouched jewelry photo in 24 hours or less.

Click the ‘Place an order’ button and follow the steps on the page. Select the service you want and set options accordingly such as desired background color, return formats, file size, and preferred delivery time. Once all selections are made, click ‘Add to cart’ and go to ‘Checkout’ to complete the order and upload your picture files.

You will then receive confirmation of your order via email. Note that you can also contact us directly to explain more about the services you require.

How to Remove Background from Jewelry Images in Photoshop


Make your jewelry products stand out everywhere whether online, on billboards, in magazines, and in print brochures with our expert jewelry photo retouching services. Clipping Path Creative can help you achieve the flawless, professional look of international jewelry brands at a very affordable rate and in record time. Customer satisfaction is our goal, and we deliver excellent service, bulk discounts, and unlimited modifications.

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