Multi Clipping Path

Multi Clipping Path

Literally a term named Multi clipping  allows you to treat couple of clip of a particular image to be isolated which goes without magic tools of Photoshop software. Our Clipping Path Creative team is highly professional to deal with Multi clipping path service nicely provided by our Honorable Client.

multi clipping path service

Having been in our industry our team members are very strong, industrious and skillful to satisfy them. Typically we pay attention on our client preferences that CPC team is ready to afford with finishing touch of a single job. Our client is not needed to do or edit images by himself or herself. Our strong company policy doesn’t spare any employees on the qualitative production. If they face any sorts of trouble then an expert team formed with five members will solve to overcome the criticism.We appreciate our clients recommendation and instructions in a particular job as it very helpful to perform.Please connect with us LinkedIn gallery.

But I would not like to persuade in blowing up my own whistle. Our production will bear testimony of our relentless service. First judge us before assigning to your precious task via Free trial for multi clipping path service.

multi clipping path

Multi clipping path service price:

  • Very simple(3-4 layer) : $1.35-1.60
  • Simple(5-6 layer): $2.25-2.70
  • Medium(7-8 layer): $3.15-3.60
  • Compound(9-10 layer): $4.20-4.50
  • Complex(11-12 layer): $5.00-$5.50
  • Super complex(13-14 layer): $5.85-6.30

Succession of layers will increase the price. No matter how complex your files look like. Our team management handle the the situation smoothly.So at first You can send us your quote job via Request a quote.

Clipping Path Service