Vector conversion service / Vector Tracing Service

Are you looking for a vector conversion service? Are you confused about which images you should use for your business? Or even where will you find the best service? If that is the case, you’re on the right platform, at the right time with the right people. The article will sort all your queries regarding vector conversion, and after reading it, you will understand various details regarding vector tracing.

Vector conversion service

logo to vector conversion

It should be noted that in recent years, images have become a crucial component in the media industry. Images have also dominated the business arena. Remember, the quality of the image, the higher chances of making a sale, and the poor the quality of the image, the minimal chances of making sales. Therefore, you can’t compromise the image’s quality; you have to use the right tools and technologies to come up with the right images. And there’s no other tool in the image industry apart from vector conversion.

What is vector conversion?

Vector conversion is a process of using vector format to reproduce raster images. Raster images are the obvious file formats such as png and jpg and are common on the web. On the other hand, vector graphics need some expertise to reproduce images on physical products such as signage, engraving, specialty printing, metal stamping, and glass etching.

Raster vs. Vector

In the image industry, there are two categories of image files, namely raster and vector. Raster images are either captured by scanner and camera or pixel-oriented programs. The images include gif, jpg, png, and others. Vector images on the other end are created by vector software. The vector process is common for physical products and 3D, CAD, and engineering graphics.

vector tracing service

Vector Tracing Service

In other words, vector conversion implies online painting. Actually, it’s like dipping your brush in a paint can and start painting. The process provides you with an opportunity to blend the image’s colors so as to soften the color transition.

Why do you need vector tracing services?

  • Vector images are scalable

Vector graphics are not pixel oriented; in other words, they are independent. This implies that the images can be scaled to any size without losing their authenticity. The vectors can also be printed at the printer’s highest resolution, and the results are awesome.

  • Simple color editing

It must be noted that a multi-colored vector graphic can be easily changed to a limited color image. In most cases, limited colors are needed for some processes, such as special promotional items, “stencil-cut” vinyl signs, and embroidery.

  • Vector wireframe and outline

A vector program displays the images the way they are and allows them to see the vector wireframe or vector outline of every object. This is used to guide companies on the equipment they are using to create products such as cut signs and engraving.

Vector conversion services at Clipping Path Creative

Having been in the industry for almost a decade, we have the experience and right skills to offer various services. Clipping Path Creative provide the following services;

  • Raster Image to Vector Conversion

In most cases, raster files are used for printing purposes. The problem with these files they are not meant for change; any alteration can make the image lose its taste. In our conversion, we follow each pixel manually and ensure that the graphic’s maximum quality is retained.

  • Bitmap Vector Conversion

The images are common in the digital world, but they unsuitable in terms of printing. Our tremendous experience in designs, paintings, illustrations, and low-resolution bitmap is vital here. Therefore we can change them to quality exceptional pictures.

  • JPEG Vector Conversion

JPEG or JPG format is mostly used to keep images. But JPG images are for large-scale usage. When it comes to printing and publishing purposes, the results might not be the best. But with our conversion services, you should be assured of impeccable results.

  • Scanned Images Vector Conversion

When documents or images go through scanning, they can be unsuitable for printing. Therefore you need to convert them into vectors to have better results. We can work on any scanned image.

  • Sketches Vector Tracing

Architects, jewelry designers, and artists come up with sketches that need vector conversion. We can help you with colorful and sharp vector images that are editable.

  • Logo Vector Conversion

Logos, cartoons, and clipart require vector conversion so that the images can have a transparent background for easy printing. For your information, we ensure that the logos’ color and taste are maintained in the transformation process. We will redraw the low-resolution logo to a high-resolution vector via 100% manually.

  • Photo Vector Conversion

In some cases, designs require photos to be converted to produce the magic of graphic illustrations. We will help you to convert your photos.

  • Bulk Image Vector Tracing

Advertising agencies, design companies, and media companies frequently come to us when looking for large quantities of images to be converted. What are you waiting for?

We accept below formats:

  • .jpg
  • .png
  • .pdf
  • .gif
  • .psd

You will receive vectors in the following file types :

  • .eps
  • .ai
  • .svg
  • .pdf

Feel free to contact us at any time and get high-quality vector conversion services at reasonable prices. We always use Adobe Illustrator for tracing the image and send you Ai format file.