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Clipping Path Creative is an image editing company provide Clipping paths, Background removal, Neck joint, Color correction, E-Commerce image optimization and Photoshop related services at affordable price with high quality image editing service.

How We Works

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Let us know about your task

You can send us your photos with Brief instructions and we will confirm the quotation and delivery time.


Download your photos

Our team has completed your task; your files are ready to be download.Our term will send you an email with Download information .

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Pay our invoice

Once we have received your instruction and confirm your project, our term will send you an invoice so to enable you to pay us.


Gurantee of Satisfaction

Our main aim is client satisfactions.If you aren't satisfy with our final work then we will provide you unlimited modifications.We are not satisfy until you are satisfied.

Our Services

clipping path

Clipping Path Service

We offer all types of clipping path services at affordable price. Our clipping services include background removal, providing special shapes of objects, editing particular portions as well as preparing layout designs.

color correction service

Color Correction Service

Our color correction service will ensure that your images are adjusted to the right tonal range. Adjustments will include shadow compensation, saturation, contrast, tint, highlight, vibrancy, clarity and lighting exposure.

drop shadow service

Shadow making Service

To improve appearance of your images, we offer Drop shadow service which will give your images a sensational look. We have good mastery of light shadow, reflection shadows and dimensions.

hair masking

Image Masking service

Image masking is the process of removing background without touching image. By the help of our image masking service, you will be able to capture images to your preferred background.

Clipping Path Creative Firm

Clipping path creative is an image editing firm with more than 30+ highly dedicated employees offering any kind of photo editing services worldwide. Our number one objective is customer’s satisfaction. We provide all types of photo editing services manually using adobe Photoshop software. So we assure you, you will not be disappointed with our services. We provide professional and high quality image editing services like Clipping Path, Background removal, Color Correction, Neck joint, image masking service at affordable prices. Our dedicated team works 3 shifts of 24 hours daily. when you send us a request, we will send you a reply in a short time frame, whether you form Australia, USA, UK, Canada, Denmark, Germany, India, Hong Kong or anywhere in the world it doesn’t matter. So we suggest you take action now. if you have any doubt please kindly send us a couple of images as trial, we will get those images done for free. so you can judge the quality of our work. we assure you, You will be amazed. After you have judge the quality of our services. if you find it okay please kindly place your order with us. You don’t have to worry we will guide you through the whole process. we are not satisfied until you are. So take action now and get these amazing services at very affordable prices, we help you save your money.

Thanks by, Rakhibul hasan (CEO).

Our Partners

  • Photographer
  • Wholesaler
  • Retailer
  • Store owner
  • Graphic Design Agency
  • Manufacturer
  • Business Owner
  • Add Agency
  • Auto Dealer

Why choose us ?

  • Satisfactions Guaranteed.
  • 24 hours Sky Rocket Delivery.
  • Bulk discount for 500+ Images per day.
  • 24 hours customer support & services.
  • We provide an affordable prices.
  • We have highly professional employees.
  • Day, Weekly or Monthly payment method.
  • Unlimited Revisions.
  • 100% Free trial to judge our quality.
  • Personal FTP account for each client
  • Customer privacy protect

Real Google Reviews

Maria Grasmick
Maria Grasmick
19:10 12 Mar 18
Excellent image cutout Service and very fast turnaround time. You did a great job. I will use your clipping path services again in future. Would recommended ! Maria Grasmick USA
Philippe Daniel
Philippe Daniel
13:56 14 Mar 18
CPC is the perfect company for image background removal. Extremely fast delivery! Great communication! You can feel free choose the company! Highly recommended for other buyers.
Darryl James
Darryl James
09:26 04 Feb 18
Great for jewelry cutouts ! Quality clipping Path Service Asked them to cutout jewelry products with Clipping path. Accurate and fast work - more accurate than what i usually have time to do myself. Highly Recommended for Jewelry whole seller, re-seller & Photographers.
Steffany Colleran
Steffany Colleran
09:56 16 Feb 18
Fast, affordable and perfect work! I needed a larger amount of backgrounds removed from my images. Clipping Path Creative provided qualitative services.
Alan Spencer
Alan Spencer
18:17 02 Jan 18
This was great! -Fast communication -A couple of hours turnaround time. Also they provided qualitative clipping path. Will use again and again
Mark Meadowcroft
Mark Meadowcroft
15:00 20 Mar 18
The image editing is perfect for image cutout services ! 24 hours available ! Good communication ! Faster delivery ! Highly recommended for product photographers. You can use them feel free
Rayhanul Islam
Rayhanul Islam
09:58 27 Mar 18
Best clipping path service provider. Amazing job done! Recommend all Indoneshian Buyers.
05:55 01 Apr 18
I found my image editing partner for long term. I sent them 400+ images and within 10 hours they had them back to me. That is a great turn around time. The rates they charge are reasonable and I found the quality of the work to be excellent. Quick communication ! I will be back very soon!!!! Thanks Clipping Path Creative Team
Ashleigh Barnes
Ashleigh Barnes
06:44 05 Apr 18
Unbelievable Neck Joint project done ! The CPC team is super talented and deliver the project within an hour ! I will get back to you soon and use your services again & again. Highly recommended for Background Removal Services and Neck joint Services. Max 5*
ja doe
ja doe
01:51 07 Apr 18
Second time I used Clipping Path Creative & they didn't disappoint. Super fast delivery ! The quality of the Background Removal work was very impressive. Will definitely use them again & again. Highly recommended for all Canadian Photographers.
Faraz Ahmad
Faraz Ahmad
14:54 23 Apr 18
Perfect clipping path specially corner shape. All edge is very smooth ! They made my products looks awesome. Love the work and come back again & again.
Ruth Kriner
Ruth Kriner
02:58 04 May 18
They provided fast and accurate background removal services. I was impressed with his quality. Great communication, they always reply within few minutes. We will definitely use them again and would recommend! Thanks clipping path creative for your high quality Clipping Path Service and Background Removal Service. Max 5*
charaf noumi
charaf noumi
13:40 11 May 18
Wow ! I am very impressed with clipping path creative quality. They provided high quality shadow and background remover services at reasonable prices. Highly recommended for other customers.
Weekend Candy
Weekend Candy
10:42 17 May 18
I used Clipping Path Creative for remove background from Car images. They provided high quality car shadow making and background removal services. I will order them again and again.
loredana de michelis
loredana de michelis
11:58 29 May 18
Every time the team deliver top quality work. I plan to use Clipping Path Creative for a long time.! Reasonable prices ! Highly recommended for other buyers.
Dr. Houston Anderson
Dr. Houston Anderson
15:17 25 Jun 18
Trusted image editing supplier in the Worldwide! I have used the company for my car image. They provided high quality clipping path services with smooth edge. will use again & again. Highly recommended for Auto Dealers.
Gerald Herrmann
Gerald Herrmann
16:54 09 Jul 18
Awesome work ! I really appreciate your image cutouts services. i will order you again and again. Reliable Image editing firm. Highly recommneded
carole st-laurent
carole st-laurent
16:23 13 Jul 18
Clipping Path Creative delivered the project within an hour. Great work ! Smooth edge with high quality clipping path. I really appreciate your work ! Best Clipping path service ever he goes way beyond expectation. Highly recommend for all New York Photographers.
albertis mccray
albertis mccray
04:54 15 Jul 18
Awesome awesome! Beat work ever for background removal! I will only use this company from now on. Thank you!!! Also such a quick response. Look no further! Highly Recommended
Kristal Holmes
Kristal Holmes
18:54 16 Jul 18
Good quality ! Quick Delivery just 30min ! They provided super duper image editing services. Thank you so much for your great work. Will knock you again for my product image enhancements. Highly recommended
Taurus Men
Taurus Men
20:56 16 Jul 18
Reliable image editing firm ! Good quality ! Smooth Edge ! Top Clipping Path Service provider in the world at Reasonable Prices. You can use this company services feel free . Will order you again and again for long term-relationship. A++++++
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